Adebakin Sirajudeen Ademola, a young visionary leader with vast experience in human capital development and social problem solving was born on the 15th day of September 1983 to the family of Prince B.A.O Adebakin(PhD) and Mrs T.M. Adebakin in Lagos who are teachers and have taught at primary and tertiary institutions with great contributions to knowledge through lectures, journals and book publications. He started his primary education at Saint Paul’s African Church school, Ilupeju, Mushin and Bereola Memorial primary School, Odi-Olowo Mushin. Sequel to his quest for good academic and moral education he was enrolled into the prestigious Ansar-Ud-Deen Grammar School, Randle Avenue, Surulere where he bagged his senior school certificated. Siraj has a B.Sc in Psychology from the University of Lagos and just completed a M.Sc in Clinical Psychology from same institution

Witnessing the oppression of a military dictatorship as a young teenager in the early 1990s, Siraj vowed to stand for justice, truth & fairness for all Nigerians and as soon as he gained admission into the higher institution, He participated actively in student unionism; campaigning for fair treatment for fellow students and lecturers alike against a despotic democratic regime. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Martin Luther King Jnr., Nelson Mandela, Kwame Nkurumah, the late sage Obafemi Awolowo, Walter Rodney and Claude Ake, Siraj has continued to lead with a strong voice in the campaign for effective accountability in national leadership.

Siraj’s passion for making difference made him lead a number of human and community development organizations such as the Ilasamaja Youth Empowerment Forum (IYEF), Positive Actions Initiative Nigeria (PAIN), The Progressives and others too numerous to mention.

As a teacher, Adebakin siraj’s quest to build a better society have impacted in over three thousand (3000) children and young adults in mushin who he taught for free without expectance of any favour or popularity among men. His unending struggle to see great increase in literacy had produced over fifteen (15) First class graduates and numerous graduates from slums around Mushin and Lagos. Siraj have also mentored many young people who were perceived to be hopeless with his “out of street project” which have also taken a number of promising youths off the streets through entrepreneurial development programs and financial support for startup businesses.

Siraj is an accomplished entrepreneur who is a principal partner at Diamond Multitechniques, an Electrical installation and repairs firm with track record in global best practices. He is also the CEO of Bakins Consult and consultant to many organizations.

Contesting on the platform of KOWA party, a socio-political group of young, enlightened Nigerians, He vied for elective position to represent his constituency as a lawmaker but out lost in a well fought victory by the current ruling party, APC. Siraj continues to pursue his aspirations for a better Nigeria founded on strong institutions of cooperate governance, accountability and justice. He is presently the Candidate of KOWA PARTY for the House of Representatives Mushin Constituency II with a passion to be the man of law and the people.

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