Why We Do What We Do.

Driving youth political participation in Nigeria, we have come to the conclusion that we will only be able to realize the Nigeria of our dreams as a generation if and only if we begin to demand for the reforms and the policy changes that our nation needs right now. Beyond the elections, we must take action to place a demand on government to reform our country along the fundamental reform issues that we have agreed on. ONLY then will we get closer to a Nigeria where there is hope and opportunity for ALL.


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About us

Organize. Don’t agonize!

The Nigerian Elections have come and gone! While we tried to support young Nigerians into parliament to pursue the reforms we believe will take our country forward, we are now mobilising across the entire nation to place a demand for

(i) The Restructuring of our pseudo-federal structure

(ii) A New, truly-people’s constitution

(iii) Justice Reforms

(iv) Open Government and

(v) Electoral Reforms

A little bit more about what we do

Our Mission & Our Vision

Our Mission – To continue to sponsor the emergence of new voices and new leaders who understand the need for development of our society and are willing to commit to it.

Our Vision – To raise a new breed of politicians who will pursue an agenda of development and progress for our country and for our generation.

About us


Raising New Voices Initiative is registered as a non-governmental organisation under the CAC Act and is led by Adebanke Ilori as its Executive Director with offices in Abuja and Lagos.

As a movement, Jude ‘Feranmi leads the aggregation of like minds, volunteers, state leads and members of the movement across the federal republic.

All enquiries should go to hello@raisingnewvoices.org.

Jude 'Feranmi
Adebanke Ilori
Executive Director

We’re Raising New Voices and Building New Leaders

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