Are you a young leader? Do you lead an organisation or movement or association with young Nigerians as members? We are putting our numbers and resources together to take direct action TO SAVE  our country.  JOIN THE COALITION NOW

Organising For Reform

Organising For Reform is simply aggregating Nigerians interested in joining other Nigerians in demanding for the fundamental reform that our society needs in education, in the economy, in infrastructure, in the National Assembly, in the labor market and policies affecting Nigerians. When we identify an issue in need of demand, we will put out calls to Nigerians in our database interested in joining others in demanding reform in this area and organise the platform for demand once a threshold has been met.


Our plan is to organise across the entire federal republic from local to state to federal government and demand exactly the kind of governance that we want. To do this, we will need the donations of citizens to power our efforts of organising at the grassroots, on campuses, and within the working class.</p> <p>Your donations will go into organising the platforms for Nigerians to make these demands at every level and procuring materials needed for the successful execution of the programs like placards, posters, fliers, shirts, scarfs e.t.c

Issues For Demand

OFR is set up to aggregate Nigerians to demand on the issues that affect Nigerians directly and indirectly - our priorities are however geared towards issues that (i) impact on the rights of citizens, (ii) involve the taking unjustly of the life of citizens (iii) impact on the standard of living of citizens (iv) impact on the future of our country. These issues we will be organising for will border from issues on education to infrastructure deficit to the economy to human rights to press freedoms to the labor markets to poverty entrenching policies.

Our Partners

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