Mustapha  Hadi Aminu is an indigene of Akko Local Government. He was born on 2nd Jan, 1993.

He graduated from the Department of Mathematics Gombe State University with B.Sc computer science.

He held many student leadership positions and was a former SUG president.

After Graduation, he started to ask questions about leadership in his community and engaged fellow youths on how to develop the community. After many discussions, they concluded that the best way is participation. Hence he was endorsed to aspire for Representative on the platform of NDLP since bigger parties do not give chances to Common people.

Conclusively, the need for a better participation is the main Reason for his aspiration and he chose an unpopular party in order to promote Politics of ideology and reasoning. So Far people are welcoming his vision with open arms because they don’t see him as a politician but as a serious person with ambition to develop the society.

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