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Great Guide for Any Aspiring Young Leader

This is a great guide for young people who feel the urge to act. Jude's dedication to Nigeria and youth leadership shines through in this guideline based on his own experiences as a young leader and creator of change. In this book, he lays out the basics of leadership in a clear and concise way, a valuable read for any aspiring young leader!

Rachelle Du Bois, Canada MP Assistant, Parliament of Canada

Clear Insight For Leading Change

In a time when the world seeks more pragmatic leadership, Lead the People provides a clear insight on how young people can develop skills and also leverage on relationship to lead the change that they earnestly yearn for. This book pays immense attention to personal assessment, deep introspection and also important nuggets to help the young navigate the challenging political space. This is highly recommended for everyone especially those who seek tp serve the public."

Oluseun Onigbinde, Nigeria CoFounder, BudgIT

Great Book by A Great Man

This is a great book written by a great man to help others to make this world a better place! There is nothing greater to accomplish than to help others walking on the same path.

Zoltan Marczell, Europe Pro Ruris, Erasmus+

Invaluable Guidance

This book is truly extraordinary with invaluable guidance and full of insights for our contemporary democratic leadership roles to create the enabling turf of hope and trust for young people across the world.

Peter Bismarck, Ghana President, Institute for Liberty

Personal Reflection and Local Insight With A Worldview

This work highlights the urgent need for youth to engage politics as a means to change their community for the better. Mixing personal reflection, local insight, with a world-view— it a must read for young leaders.

Francis Wilson, USA Youth Candidate Researcher & Host of YouthGotThePower! Podcast

The world is at a turning point.

The global pandemic of the novel coronavirus named COVID-19 has shown the underbelly of humanities fragility, even in the most advanced developed countries.

The World’s priorities need a hard reset

20 years into the 21st century and the global issues that command attention of the leaders are issues and challenges are huge and life-threatening - the threat of climate change, health pandemics, Artificial Intelligence Policy, Education Investment, Impact Investing.

Our Current Leaders have too much stake in the present and too little stake in the future

These challenges require new ways and new thinking and new approaches. These new approaches will be brought forward only by creative thinking that young leaders, who have more stake in the future, are expected to bring forward.

Foreword By Mr Raphael Obonyo, United Nations Youth Advisor

This book “Lead the People” is released at a time when humanity is facing an acute crisis not only due to the coronavirus pandemic, but also due to lack of responsible and people centred leadership. Undoubtedly, to defeat the global virus, strong, focused and sane leadership is required. Jude makes a call for youth leadership, which is obviously important. It further provides important tools that can enable youth leaders to make impact. Indeed, youth leadership would mean nothing it fails to provide fresh leadership free from the vices that have held hostage the older generation.

Mr Raphael Obonyo, Kenya
United Nations Youth Advisor

Special Recommendation by Professor Remi Sonaiya

The theme of leadership has become a fad; everybody is talking about it. No doubt, the world needs better, more capable leaders at this time. The challenging reality brought upon the world by COVID-19 has demonstrated how so critical good leadership is. For me, two points are very important in relation to leadership. First, leadership is for people with character; therefore young people who are interested in leading MUST be of sound character. Nelson Mandela should be an inspiration in this regard. Africa needs more of such leaders. Secondly, leadership is about service. One must be suspicious of an individual going about, saying to himself or herself – and possibly to others: “I want to become a leader.” The desire must be to offer oneself in service; leadership will invariably follow.

Professor Remi Sonaiya, Nigeria
KOWA Party 2015 Presidential Candidate

Why Should You Read This Book?

Our world is in need of a different kind of leadership and as a youth leader, your ideas are important for a whole new different world whose course we must now chart. You want to master these ways and approaches to making an impact and staying relevant so that you are well positioned to be a part of charting the course. This is why this book is important - Making impact and staying relevant enough to position oneself in such a way that you are at the decision making table when the direction for a new world is being charted in your country is what this book gives you.

What Will You Learn?

This guide will show you how to (i) Inspire others to action in a direction towards positive change for your society (ii) Be influential in a way that impacts people positively and changes their lives (iii) Build a movement around your cause or the organisation you’re leading (iv) Leverage the internet for expanding your audience for popularity and become highly relevant and so much more.

After Reading, You Will Be Able To …

  1. Define a purpose to your leadership and share with others in a compelling way.
  2. Inspire action from followers, leaders, donors and the populace
  3. Use the power of storytelling to build an emotional connection with any audience you speak to
  4. Take steps that help you master your niche and be considered a leader
  5. Organise and lead calls for change in your society
  6. Design direct action proposals for followers in a sustainable manner
  7. Build a movement and increase the numbers of people who follow your cause
  8. Know factors to consider when working with organisations in a coalition
  9. Increase your relevance in your society as a leader
  10. Build trust in your as a leader and commit to high integrity
  11. Amass social capital and leverage for resources for your leadership
  12. Increase the quality of your network and increase your chances of admission for fellowships and conferences
  13. Leverage knowledge from behavioural science to position for relevance in your society
  14. Build your own audience like a pop star will
  15. Amplify your message using the internet and social media.

About The Author

Jude 'Feranmi Adejuwon


Adejuwon Jude ‘Feranmi, JFK, is the Founder of the Raising New Voices Initiative. He was formerly Executive Director of ToBuildANation, a citizens movement towards political reforms in Nigeria with members in more than 25 states in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. JFK was also the former National Youth Caucus Leader of KOWA PARTY, one of Nigeria’s most youth inclusive political parties before he left due majorly to the party’s membership of the CUPP. Under JFK’s Leadership of the youth caucus, KOWA became a brand name amongst the Nigerian youth discussing politics and eventually inspiring and supporting more than 40 young people to run for office.

He worked with 22 state youth leaders on activities and programs like town hall meetings, community meetings and micro-group meetings tailored to young people participating in politics and engaging within the party. We also operated a student affairs department that focuses on communicating the message of the party to students in tertiary institutions and established the party’s presence in 15 universities and 2 Polytechnics across the Northern and Southern Divide of Nigeria.

Feranmi prides himself as a community organizer both in and out of politics, helping to organize a new generation of Nigerians who care about and are affected by the same issues especially in the area of Politics, Technology and Policy. He serves on the Advisory board of startups both in Nigeria and Europe. He is a double master degree holder in Public Policy and Human Development from the United Nations University, Netherlands (UNU-MERIT)

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