What will you learn?

This guide will show you how to:

  1. Inspire others to action in a direction towards positive change for your society
  2. Be influential in a way that impacts people positively and changes their lives
  3. Build a movement around your cause or the organisation you’re leading
  4. Leverage the internet for expanding your audience for popularity and become highly relevant

… and much more.

The world is at a turning point.

The global pandemic of the novel coronavirus named COVID-19 has shown the underbelly of humanities fragility, even in the most advanced developed countries.

Current Leaders have little stake in the future

These challenges require new ways and new thinking and new approaches. These new approaches will be brought forward only by creative thinking that young leaders, who have more stake in the future, are expected to bring forward.

The World’s priorities need a hard reset

20 years into the 21st century and the global issues that command attention of the leaders are issues and challenges are huge and life-threatening – the threat of climate change, health pandemics, Artificial Intelligence Policy, Education Investment, Impact Investing.

What’s next!

This is upto Us to Lead.

What More Will You Learn?

  • How to define a purpose to your leadership and share
  • How to inspire action from followers, leaders, donors and the populace
  • How to use the power of storytelling to build an emotional connection with any audience you speak to
  • What to do to master your niche and be considered a leader
  • How to organise and lead calls for change in a societal situation
  • How to design direct action proposals for followers in a sustainable manner
  • How to build a movement and increase your numbers
  • What factors to consider when working with organisations in a coalition
  • How to increase your relevance in your society as a leader
  • How to amass social capital and leverage for resources for your leadership
  • How to increase the quality of your network and increase your chances of admission for fellowships and conferences
  • How to leverage knowledge from behavioural science to position for relevance in your society
  • How to build your own audience like a pop star will
  • How to amplify your message using the internet and social media.

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