Dr. Karu Simon


Dr Karu Simon is a vision of Nigeria’s prosperity and a reflection of her eternal struggle. Born to a learned Tula family from Gombe State, is one of Nigeria’s finest young Leaders. Simon overcomes difficult challenges through sheer charisma: motivating and inspiring people with his charm, Calm, erudite, and a true leader.

Dr Karu Jnrs’ youth does not diminish his stature as a leader, he loves to transform every available seed into a flower, and some have described him as an extremely motivated individual with a heart that cares and encourages others. He is also determined and unrelenting; others have portrayed him like a dog with a borne who does not give up until he reaches the marrow.

A globally recognized speaker, mentor, coach, mobilize and an accomplished organizer. This intellectual combines the acuity of the learned and the pragmatism of a grassroots politician. Unlike others, he is persuaded that it is the Nigerian citizen rather than petroleum, gold or silver that is our greatest asset.

Simon believes that Nigeria as a Nation is already primed for success waiting for the right leadership.

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