Strength In Numbers

We could start talking about the huge problems of our country today and how our future is currently being mortgaged by our leaders through corruption, maladministration, lack of vision and reckless spending and loans. But we will not. You already know the problems. What we have not been able to do is solve them. This is why you are reading this.

As youth leaders, we have our individual strengths but together and as a demographic, we are weak, very weak. Our strength lies in our numbers, but we have yet to coalesce and harness this strength. Without this, we can as well give up and await the manifestation of our dooms’ day, not just for us but for our children. What is the clear alternative is that we must come together and immediately take direct action to salvage what is remaining of our future as a nation. We believe we must as a matter of fact come together to do the following;

(i) demand vigorously and by all means necessary for a reform of the contracting and procurement system in our government to ensure an open process in line with the open governance partnership reforms. This is the channel through which our future is being mortgaged. This is the core of the business of politics as we know it and what ensures our politics is a do or die affair.

(ii) clearly give a note of warning to international lenders especially in China to stop granting loans to our leaders who have clearly ignored all the important reforms that we need to make Nigeria work for all because they can continue to get loans, some of these we are not even aware of. And should they insist, make it clear that future generations will not be obligated to repay back any loans that they we may not be able to repay due to their recklessness lending

(iii) organise our numbers and demand for the passage of the electoral amendments into law with the introduction of necessary reforms that end rigging and the influence of money politics and godfatherism in our political parties and many other reforms.

Our country will not move forward unless we put our resources and numbers together. These things will not change until we are able to mobilise the kind of numbers that we saw in January 2012 not just for any personal interests but for fundamental structural reforms.

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