Introducing The Movement

The New Voices Movement

The New Voices Movement was birthed out of the need to put an end to the recycling of political leaders in Nigeria who do not have a stake in the future that we are heading to and are neither capable nor ready to lead the creation of that future.

The New Voices Movement has a vision for Nigeria by 2050


We want to see a Nigeria that is the knowledge and technology capital of the world by 2050. This Nigeria will be driven by technological innovation from the young creative minds that we will have, numbering up to half of our entire population.

We're Raising Political Leaders in every LGA

Political/Community Organizing

In 774 LGAs and 8524 wards, we plan to raise at least one political/community organiser who will focus on solving community problems via engaging the corresponding institutions of government and holding them accountable.

We're raising a community of policymakers interested in shaping the policies our vision needs to become reality

Policy Making

Our vision to make Nigeria the knowledge and technology capital of the world by 2050 will only become reality when we have the right policies in place and the right legislation.

The details of the BreakTheHold campaign, the legislative agenda, the bills and how we hope to support 25 young aspirants.

The BreakTheHold Campaign Handbook

Our legislative priorities are focused on sectoral reforms on Education, Economy, Technology and Innovation and governance reforms - anti-corruption, civil service reforms and lean government

2019 - Legislative Agenda

We believe that the Nigerian Diaspora has a lot of untapped contributions that needs to be harnessed for building the Nigeria of our dreams.

Diaspora Organising

Our plans detail how we hope to harness the expertise and the opportunities for diaspora Nigerians to contribute to realising the vision we have for Nigeria by 2050 starting today.